This document is to state the plan of the Cursillo Movement, to give direction and to establish positions of responsibility. It is written as a covenant with the Bishop, Leo Frade, and the Movement.

THE PURPOSE of the movement is "structuring Christian life." It is working to have authentic Christianity lived in each missionary outpost and environment of society, working to bring other men and women to know and love Christ and to Christianize the environment of society as a whole.

“The Episcopal Cursillo of Southeast Florida holds weekends that support the Diocese in realizing its Mission by raising up leaders for the Parishes, missions, diocese and the wider church”.

GOAL: To be committed to the mission of this Diocese to transform lives in the world for and through Christ.

1. COMMITMENT of persons to be "Counted on by Christ" and to the mission imperatives of the Diocese of Southeast Florida to strive together to:

  • ·        Achieve ethnic, racial, and gender equity.
  • ·        Become stronger in faith and spirituality.
  • ·        Grow in numbers.
  • ·     Enhance our commitment to service and social concerns throughout the           diocese.
  • ·        Increase the knowledge and practice of Christian Stewardship.


2. STRATEGIC PLAN: Accomplish this goal and commitment by offering leaders in the church a method of transformation of themselves and their environments to conform to the teachings of Jesus Christ with persons to be available in the Diocese who are committed to working and supporting others, willing to help on projects of .the church, and as a work force, in the service of our Lord.


3. AUTHORITY: The movement functions under the direction of the Diocesan Bishop, and was established as a Commission of the Diocese in 1991.  The Movement began in the Diocese in 1974.  It became a part of the National Episcopal Cursillo Movement when it was formed in 1979.


   A .THE SECRETARIAT is the empowering and policy-making body consisting of Clergy and Laypersons appointed
by the Bishop serving staggered terms for one year at a time, and may be reappointed.

THE DIOCESAN SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR AND LAY DIRECTOR are appointed on a yearly basis by the Bishop to lead and govern.

THE SERVANT COMMUNITY consists of persons who have participated in a Cursillo weekend, are active in their parish, have a commitment to a "Rule of Christian Life” and group reunion. They study the movement and participate by serving on committees, teams, 4th Day activities or outreach.

COMMITTEES: the Lay Director appoints Chairpersons. There may be various committees as needed, i.e.: Pre-Cursillo, 3 Day Weekend, 4th Day, Communications and Finance with Servant Community filling out the committee or sub-committee chair positions.


In order to do its part toward accomplishing the objectives of the Diocese and the Cursillo Movement, the Secretariat, working with the Bishop and helped by the Servant Community, will:

A. Keep the Bishop current on dates and Cursillo activities seeking his Counsel and direction.

B.  Maintain a close relationship with the Bishop's staff, deans, clergy and all elements of the Diocese.

C.   Endeavor to bring up leadership within the Diocese and the Cursillo Movement through the Cursillo Movement and Servant Community in order to carry out the mission of the church.

D.   Review at least annually: "The Pastoral Plan"; "Guidelines and Job Descriptions"; the yearly "Calendar" for inclusion in the Diocesan Calendar; and any other such materials that require being updated to be effective. They shall be presented to the Bishop and then the community after his approval.


E.   Study annually the geographical and social environments of all sorts and conditions of people we strive to influence. With the Bishop's guidance, particular environments should be targeted and prayed about to change.


F.    Work to integrate the many cultures of the Diocese into the Servant Community with Ultreyas and 4th Day Activities available in the appropriate language.


G.   Endeavor to establish strong 4th Day, Pre-Cursillo and other committees to create a commitment on the part of the community by education, events and publications.


H.   Plan, prepare and conduct as many three-day weekends as deemed feasible. Offer proper instruction for "Sponsor" responsibilities and follow-up of candidates after their weekends by their sponsors.


I.    The Secretariat shall hold meetings throughout the Diocese on a scheduled basis, to enable Clergy, Parish Reps and other interested persons in the various areas an opportunity to attend and to know the Secretariat and Committee chairpersons.


J.   Direct the Sector Representative to plan for and hold at least quarterly meeting of their Parish Representatives and Servant Community so that the area Secretariat Directors and Spiritual Directors who are attending have the opportunity to identify potential leaders for committee membership.

K.  As a means of communication: publish a newsletter; keep a website current; publish a current list of contact persons and use the  List Serve to send information to the Servant Community. Endeavor through the Parish Representativeorganization to keep the parishes informed.  Have the “Volunteer to Serve" form published and available for persons wishing to offer themselves for service.

L.   Schedule 4th Day activities to promote, encourage and enable every member of the movement to become a part of Group reunion, Ultreyas, Forums, Leaders Workshops and Gatherings, to nurture their commitment to their personal piety, study and apostolic action and to "Be Counted On" by our Lord to serve Him and to empower each and every member to evangelize.

M. Outreach: Continue to have communication and give guidance to the Diocese to which Southeast Florida has exported Cursillo.   Continue to develop programs or projects beyond the norm: i.e.: establishing a process for having Cursillos in this diocese such as in Spanish for people to experience them in their native language.

N.  National Movement:  Send a delegate to the NEC yearly conference and support the ministry financially. Hold ECLW’s every 3rd year and encourage and support the other diocese in their endeavor.

O. Strive within all activities and meetings to devote time and opportunity to be fed spiritually. To always invite the Presence of the Holy Spirit to be a part of and direct all endeavors of the Movement